“If you can identify a biomechanical asymmetry and correct it in a truly functional way then you will dramatically reduce the potential for INJURY and exponentially increase your PERFORMANCE in any specific pattern.  Furthermore, you can rehabilitate an injury in a truly functional way which will ALWAYS have better outcomes. 

The Neuropak has bridged the gap from traditional physical therapy protocols to a comprehensive way to rehabilitate in a truly functional way which leads to quicker outcomes and reduces the likelihood of re-injury.”

Dr. Brad Conder

Owner, Focus Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Full Study Synopsis

“For the first time I can actively engage my lower trapezius and supporting muscles that stabilize the shoulder and spine and avoid over compensating with other muscle groups.

The biggest impact is the immediate global impact and constant feedback of neuromuscular engagement throughout the entire body.

After one session with the Neuropak I felt a residual benefit that I was able to actively engage the smaller supporting muscles well after the Neuropak session, which is a testament to the ability that the Neuropak has to intuitively engage the entire kinetic chain.”

Dr. Kara Esterle

Physical Therapy-Patient